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Il Gran Leccese - Branca

Il Gran Leccese

an over-the-top taste

Salentino - Branca


Croissants made with natural yeast and a super filling.
Handmade, sweet and tasty thanks to the natural yeast.

Rustico Leccese - Branca

Rustico Leccese

Sublime taste of Salento
Savory puff pastry typical from Salento

Branca Storia

The story

A story that began in 1974 when Michele Branca decided to follow his passion and embark on the road to become a renowned artisan pastry-chef. A desire and dedication that has been transmitted to his three children: a natural evolution that led to the birth of the Branca company in the year 2000.

Branca together with innovation, investments in new technology and over 40 years experience continues to grow today without ever forgetting the rudimentary importance of quality.

Specialising in baked and frozen pastries the company is distinguished by their unique and typical products derived from the region of Puglia and by high quality.


In able to maintain adequate production volumes to a wider market both domestic and foreign Branca products are produced with the assistance of a semi-automated production plant. All the final stages of processing however are made by hand.


We love what we do and we love doing things well! Within our company there is a dedication and a passion for things done right with particular attention given to the selection of raw materials from our European partners. To ensure high quality we use with the pastry dough the natural yeast made by Branca. Thanks to this careful selection of ingredients and Branca’s natural yeast our products are tastier, more fragrant and more digestible.


We are proud to bring to your table the quality and the unique taste of the famous specialties typical of Salento. The Pasticciotto and the Rustico Leccese represent the strengths and the foundations of the company, and after tasting them it is easy to appreciate why Branca intends to distribute these products beyond their territorial boundaries.